Blog Rework

It's been a year and a half from the creation of this blog and the simplicity of it all was starting to cause some issues. Everything besides the header and footer was Markdown re-rendered on every page load. I had to update the index page every time I added something new to add a link to what was added and the date. There was no pagination and no tags, which really started to make things difficult after surpassing 100 pages because everything was only accessible from the home page by date. It was getting hard to find things, even for me!

I've finally given up and migrated everything over to PicoCMS. Ignore the ranting and raving from roughly this time last year because most of that frustration was due to it being integrated into Nextcloud, an idea I have since abandoned. This allows me to resolve some issues with plugins, like adding tags, pagination, possibly search, and static caching on first load. This may play havoc with the URL's for a while until I work out some .htaccess voodoo but any broken links can temporarily be addressed by changing the / behind to a ? for now.

You may notice that some dates have been changed and that may have changed the order slightly. I only recorded the dates of when the articles were written but not the times. This has come back to bite me because I have since either taken a stab at when I think I wrote the article during the day/night or put in a default value. This then gets converted to UTC so things I wrote at night might appear as the next day.

This is going to be a slow work in progress as not to break everything but some things might shift around as features are slowly added. I do want to keep things simple and easy to read for people on dialup and/or assistive devices and pagination will help with that but there's not much that can be done for the images. The biggest images are of deer, and if you're on dialup you probably see them pretty frequently anyway.

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