"Bye Bye Job" for $1600

Well it's time for a sequel! Things still haven't entirely settled but things are indeed looking up.

Mike Richards was made the host of Jeopardy and an almighty uproar was made over it. Days later an old podcast of his was found where he made some pretty horrible jokes that would have you called up to the HR office. He tried to purge it the second word of it got loose but the internet got to it before him and archived most of it. He then "stepped down" as host.

There's a wrinkle here though. He'd already taped for a day, which is a week of shows. Matt Amodio was on a hell of a run before the season ended and now it's going to start with a guy who's now no longer the host. How do they sort that out? Stick a pin in that for a bit.

Given the need for shows to tape, they called up Mayim Bialik and got her to cover for another 3 taping days (3 weeks of shows) to give them some more breathing room while they come up with a permanent replacement. I wouldn't be surprised if she is the replacement but she has other stuff going on that might get the way.

The suits said that Mike's being sent to sensitivity training, which is basically "we don't want to sack him but have to stop his behavior somehow". Funny how people don't think that's good enough given what was said. Sony got the memo and I think the scientific term is "shit canned" him.

Now where were we about the taping? Oh yeah, we can't even call him "executive producer" anymore! How do you work around that one? "Former executive producer"? Cut it so he's never in shot and just a disembodied voice? Go one step further and re-dub his voice with someone else? Leave it and put a message saying "Yeah, we messed up and sacked him afterwards. Sorry folks."?

I guess we'll have to see on September 14.

Day 43 of #100DaysToOffload

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