Derailed Plans

The big project was ready to be released. I just had to get up early Thursday morning, meet with the rest of the release team, and get it out there. Then we'd all celebrate! Two days later, I'd be off on a well-deserved vacation. Did it happen? Hell no!

My brain is a real asshole and keeps me up when I'm nervous or excited. It kept me up until 12:30 when I needed to be up at 6:30. Then the toilet decided to refuse to quit running at 3:45 AM. Once again, didn't get back to sleep until 4:30 because I had to shut off the water and fight with my brain again.

I wake up at 5:45 and text my boss to tell him what's up and that I won't be on. He knows I've got health problems and I'm but one guy on the team so nothing's derailed. He told me to go get better. I turn in for another hour or two before waking up to the sound of chainsaws. The neighbor down the road is having a bunch of trees taken down.

Whenever that was over or I got used to it, I crashed until an unknown time. At some point that I was asleep for the last time, the power had blinked so the clocks had to be reset. A check of my phone showed that it was about 11:45. Most of the rest of that day was spent hiding in the house in the dark, trying not to seize.

Around sunset at 6:30, I forced myself to go to bed. I was either going to fall asleep or lie there in the dark until it happened. In between bursts of sleep, I did come up with a fraction of an article about religious internet trolls. I finally got to sleep for good around 10:30.

I got up around 6:45 and realized there was paperwork shit that still needed done or finance and HR were going to rain fire upon my boss and me. He was threatening people with SQL jobs to spam our mailboxes if we didn't get it done in time. I was feeling a bit better so I snuck on all quiet like, told my boss the deal, and he was happy that this was going to spare us both pain, but still worried about me. We both knew I wasn't going to make it a whole day. I was going to bugger off the second this was over because I was really pushing it. The rest of the day was spent in front of the TV. I did venture out to get the mail but that was a terrible idea.

This morning I got really overconfident in myself, had the shades completely open, and was on the computer for a whole. I even considered doing a show! I started doing some dusting and smacked all the dust off outside. I then proceeded to cough a lung and that's when I ran out of gas. Back to the hiding in the darkness. There's college football but also political ads. Welp, guess no more football for me then! Back to watching shows on the HTPC.

I got football picks from my family and took a few trips to the computer and back to recover to get them in. Now I'm writing this article on my phone so I won't have to touch the computer for a while. (By the way, don't try to use LibreOffice Calc on Manjaro ARM. It crashes a lot.) That's been my last few shit days. Hopefully I won't have to spend my 2 weeks off just recovering from an extremely bad night's sleep, but epilepsy's a bitch.

Day 56 of #100DaysToOffload

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