Fast Twitch Extraction

Well Twitch has been hacked and it's not pleasant for them. 128GB of content has been leaked in a torrent and it seems this is only part one! Payout amounts, full source code for Twitch and many other applications, and 2FA codes are among the contents. With full source code, a user can access the database, so consider your passwords compromised. Change your passwords and 2FA codes immediately! Even if you're going to delete your account (which is easier than done), you need to protect yourself in the meantime!

Twitch has done what it usually does, which is wait until it's way too late to do anyhing and then proceed to do the bare minimum. I knew about this before they admitted to anything, and by that point people had already downloaded the leak, analyzed the contents, and gotten into arguments about who makes how much from streaming!

So now if you're still on Twitch, now might be the time to head out. Be sure to actually delete your account instead of deactivating it. This process is difficult for a normal user (supposedly ( works but I can't test it to make sure), harder for affiliates (have to go through support), and pretty much impossible for partners (you have to violate the exclusivity contract you signed with them).

If you want to continue streaming, there are a few optins, although you're probably not going to make as much. If this is still going to be your livelihood, two options are YouTube Gaming and Theta, the latter if you enjoy being paid in cryptocurrency and branded plonk.

If you're not supporting yourself or don't want to be confined by their rules, man, there's also Owncast and PeerTube. Both of these are software, not platforms, but Peertube is federated and Owncast is working on federation, so each of their servers can interact with the others. You'll need to set up your own server or sign up to an existing instance in order to use either.

I hope this has been a wake up call to those relying on massive companies forr their services. When things go wrong, they can go very wrong very quickly indeed. Let's learn from our mistakes in order to not put ourselves in such a vulnerable position in the future.

Day 61 of #100DaysToOffload

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