Giving Out

It's now Thursday and I'm only now recovering from the events of the past week. I still can't use the desktop for any useful length of time, so I'm writing all this on my phone. Plans have been shifted around/postponed because of it and in general it sucks. Below is the giant mess that's gotten me laid up this week.

Back in November my grandma passed away. The last month was spent preparing for her funeral and dealing with logistical issues. Of course that involves technology and my mom isn't good with that. Because of that, my weekends and some evenings were spent scanning and printing photos.

Once a date was set, things kicked into high gear as the date approached. We never got all the details completely set from the church until the day of the funeral, so we had to do everything ourselves. Mom, her friends, and I planned all the items and photos that would be on the table for family and friends to look at. My brother set up the music with his phone and a portable speaker. I set up the picture carousel with a USB stick and a TV.

Saturday morning comes around and my mom and brother wake me up early when they come pick up my TV. They set it up at the church but it's not detecting that there's a stick plugged in. They have me bring my laptop with me to the church in case we need to use it. I grabbed the stick I used to test with and bring it with me. I copied the pictures off their stick onto mine, plugged it into the TV, and it finally worked.

At 1, we all went into the sanctuary for the service. I didn't know we were actually going to have a service until then. The pastor knew us for a few years pre-pandemic so he had plenty nice things to say about her. He finished up with us all singing Amazing Grace before returning to the fellowship hall.

We spent about 2 hours there before packing up and going home. The only mishap during that time was that instead of going back to the top of the top of the playlist once it finishes, Spotify took a stab at songs to follow it and things got a bit weird. We all collapsed at home for the rest of the day after putting everything of ours back where it should be.

On Sundays during football season, I run the family football pool. It was going well up until about 3 when I suddenly had to get off the computer (I manage it all in a spreadsheet). I went to the bathroom and proceeded to have a minor seizure on the floor. I started packing up things I would need and called Mom. She brought me down to her house where I had another 1-2 on the couch. I texted my boss to tell him what happened and that I'd be out for a while. I stayed there overnight and most of the next day. Before I left, I did introduce her to the shows Pointless and Richard Osman's House of Games, so something good did come of it.

The remainder of Monday through Tuesday were spent in front of the TV at home, slowly opening the shades as I grew more tolerant to light. The computer was absolutely off limits, but I can do most things through my phones. I still have two because the PinePhone has not yet covered all of my use cases, just the vital ones. Mom was checking in via the phone just in case something happened to me. I did complete an article before bed so progress was made.

Wednesday was supposed to be further progress but I woke up a bit early. That really set me back because I woke up still tired with a headache. I didn't have the shades open for a while. I managed to complete the last of my Christmas shopping before taking a nap. My headache from that morning remained but it was a high pressure headache, so nothing to do but take some aspirin and wait for the barometric pressure to drop a bit.

I was able use the laptop without severe issue. I was not so lucky with the desktop but managed to copy over the bare necessities to manage the football pool on the laptop. With that, I finished what I started on Sunday. I also filled out most of my picks (one is dependent on future events so I left that blank), ran the bot, and wrote the football pool article.

So here we are. Streaming is on hold for the foreseeable future so no Christmas show. Hopefully I'll be able to use the desktop for an extended period soon. Driving's out of the question legally for at least 6 months, possibly more. And I hope to not have any more periods like this any time soon because seizures of any type suck.

Day 86 of #100DaysToOffload

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