Half Baked Review

Since I'm running low on complete ideas (plenty of half done stuff simmering away), I've slapped together a quick review about some unusual ice cream I had today.

My mom and brother are on a diet where they get one cheat day a week and they chose Saturday. I was down there earlier to help with some TV stuff and they got a pint of this Ben and Jerry's Half Baked flavor ice cream. It's fudge brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough, and vanilla ice cream. It sounds great in theory, but it wasn't so much in practice.

It turned out to be 90% powdery hard brownie, 5% cookie dough balls, and 5% ice cream. The constituent ingredients still tasted good but the consistency was off. You expect that ice cream would soften a brownie, but if there's far too little ice cream for way too much brownie, it just doesn't work. I never thought I'd have to cut ice cream in order to get it to a small enough portion to fit my mouth, but I thought wrong. There's no worry about it melting over the sides because there's barely anything that CAN melt. It's a big brownie boulder with little streaks of ice cream running through it.

It's a good idea but bad execution. I wouldn't turn my nose at it if offered but if it were the only ice cream at the store, I'd leave it on the shelf.

Update: A person on Mastodon told me that this particular pint of ice cream was probably melted and then refrozen, so maybe I was being a bit unfair. Perhaps I just got the portion of the pint that contained all of the solid portions of the ice cream. I'm not about to get another pint to see.

Day 7 of #100DaysToOffload

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