I Have Altered The Deal

A few weeks ago, our team at work cut a deal that if we were to stop work on a much smaller project, we'd be able to deliver on a much bigger one by the hard deadline. Today we learned that is no longer the case. We have to finish both projects. Really getting some Empire vibes off management right now.

Actually, it's more like Freeza from Dragonball Z Abridged. He busts into a Namekian village, kills almost everyone, and then makes a "deal" with the village elder before asking for even more. The guy he screwed over even says "That wasn't part of our deal." For that, one of his henchmen tries to kill his kids. This is the level of bullshit we're dealing with here.

The (second or third hand) explanation for this renegging on the deal is that another director who wanted this smaller project didn't want to wait. Why not talk to that guy first before accepting the deal?! Better to wait to see if you can fulfill your side before accepting rather than backing out. The latter just makes you look like a prick to the other party and causes everyone else to trust you less.

So what to do now? Well this isn't a legal document so it's not like we can just stop work and sue. It does mean we can try to cut a new deal with something else to rebalance the scales. Jumping back to the Freeza analogy, the power levels aren't entirely equal in that process. They want it out by X date. We're the ones who know all the stuff in the project, but this being the US, they could just sack us all. It'd be stupid to with the looming deadline but they could. I can't work that out empirically to see who's ahead.

I guess we return to the process of drawing up a new deal. Nothing like a day or so of meetings when you need to complete work, right?

Day 38 of #100DaysToOffload

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