In Over My Head

This is a bit of followup to "Return to Familiarity".

So I started writing a Reddit client for PinePhone a few days ago. The language from there I was vaguely familiar with was C++ using GTKmm for the GUI. I thought it would go well, and it did...up until I realized I have to download JSON files. I can't cargo cult my way through this shit. I either have to call wget or cURL for this or give up. There's no easy way to do this that I can see, short of calling in a whole browser engine or a mess of sockets, trying to set up networking, what have you. It's a bloody mess.

I'm used to doing everything in .NET due to my job and Microsoft having a very NSFW relationship with each other, but that doesn't work here. Messing something up in .NET and crashing gives you a stack trace and you can work your way back to fix it. In C++, you're lucky if you get any sign that something went wrong. It might just eat memory like candy until you get a blue screen or Linux kills it. You're better off restarting the computer at that point because you're never getting that memory back otherwise.

It's like comparing jumping on a mattress with diving out of a plane without a parachute. If you land wrong on a mattress, you might hurt yourself. If you do the latter, it's a miracle if you survive even if you do everything right. One wrong move, gust of wind, bird in the way, what have you, and you make a bounce and then a splat.

Methinks I'll have to change my strategy or language, or just pack the whole thing altogether and just use Epiphany until someone else makes it work.

Day 36 of #100DaysToOffload

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