Where Do The Jaguars Go From Here?

Urban Meyer was fired as coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars last night after a chaotic few months. The last straw was when the reports of him kicking a kicker in the leg were made public. The kicker had made a complaint back in August but it never came to light until yesterday, despite going through the proper channels to have it resolved. If this is true, it would be a violation of policy and allow the owner to terminate Meyer's contract without penalty. Now that he's been fired, all that remains is how much money Meyer will get to walk away. I'm hoping absolutely nothing and he'll have to pay damages. I'd list his crimes but with him no longer able to exercise control over players and staff, I'm certain the list will grow massively as they get to speak freely in the coming weeks about his misdeeds. And I thought Matt Patricia's tenure with the Lions was bad!

There's still three more weeks to go in the regular season. Barring almost every other team in the AFC being unable to field a team, they're not going to the playoffs or the Super Bowl. I can only assuming they'll have someone internal fill the position temporarily until the season is over. The search begins now for a new coach and I think I know the man for the job: Jim Caldwell.

Jim Caldwell was the former coach for the Lions until ownership decided that 9-7 was not good enough, replaced him with Matt Patricia, and their record tanked. He's the man that will get your team to mediocre and the Jags would kill for mediocre right now. Personality wise, he's about as far away as you can get from Urban and still have the qualities necessary to be a coach. He's much more the quiet grandfather type. He's heavy on players being disciplined enough to not draw penalties and behaving themselves.

Now that I've sung his praises for a while, let's get to the downsides of hiring him. He's very conservative with play calling, almost to the point of being predictable. He's not very good at player development, which works if you have a bunch of veterans who can teach newer players, but quite bad if your roster is young. He also under-reacts to things, so the team might make the same mistakes for multiple games without corrective action being taken.

I'm sure they are probably better options out there, but don't hire another college coach because you're more likely to find someone like Urban than not. Jim Caldwell may not be the best option for the Jaguars but at least nothing like what's gone on this season will occur. The coach drama should cease, the locker room should heal, and while the outcome won't be fantastic, it'll be better than what's going on right now.

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