"Jumping the Shark" for $2000

After Alex Trebek passed away, Jeopardy began rotating through different guest hosts. The public were led to believe that these were auditions for his replacement. The best willing guest host would get the job. Today we realized just how wrong we are.

The new host is going to be Mike Richards, the current executive producer of the show, and they'll get Mayim Bialik to do primetime specials. Neither were in my top half of the guest hosts, but I reserve a special serving of bile for Mike.

A few days ago, Variety leaked that he was in "advanced negotiations" with the network. The internet proceeded to lose its collective shit over this because they don't like him either. It sounds like Mayim got added on at the last second to placate her supporters and for the sake of having a female host. Gotta check a box on the old shallow diversity checklist, you corporate shits!

After the Variety leak, the internet divulged just how this sausage was made. Turns out Mike is trichinosis. He became the executive producer for Jeopardy after Alex's cancer diagnosis. He was a host of a few shows on Game Show Network previously. He was the executive producer of The Price Is Right when Bob Barker was leaving the show and he wanted to replace Bob, but Drew Carey took the hosting job instead. There wasn't really an audition because he was going to take the job from the off.

Now that it's set in stone, it raises some uncomfortable questions. Why are they doing prime time specials? Why do they have a different host for those? Why is the clue quality dropping? I don't know but soon I won't care. I'll be back when/if Sony quits choking on their own heads. I've got Pointless, Countdown, and QI to keep me company in the meantime.

Day 30 of #100DaysToOffload

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