The Robert E. Lee Statue and Revisionism of History

On September 8, the Robert E. Lee statue at Allen and Monument Avenues in Richmond, Virginia was removed. It was sawed into pieces in order to transport it by truck and then taken away to an undisclosed location. The pedestal remains on site. It took over a year and many legal battles to get to this point.

Upon posting this announcement online because a lot of people were following this, someone immediately bellowed that this was "revisionist history." Bullshit. To quote Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Removing a statue is not revisionist history. History will still say that the statue was there up until it was removed. That is accurate. Once you start changing when it was there, that it was there, what was there at a particular time, now that's revisionist history!

You want to talk revisionist history? Here's some things from history that have either been deliberately hidden or people have been taught incorrectly:

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