MastoPrompt: Adventure

Tanweer has returned from his break and the MastoPrompt for today was "adventure". All of the stuff in this poem actually happened! Dad passed in 2019 at 64 but with what's listed below, it's a miracle he lasted that long.

Dad loved to do DIY
But how we always wondered why
Every project that he'd venture
Might be a dangerous adventure
Ignore the manual and safety warning
He had hazardous shortcuts forming

Electrical he'd do on a lark
He'd shout "Yell if you see a spark!"
The second before he'd flip the breaker
All of us could have met our Maker!

The ramp he used as a clearance hedge
Was a 2x4 on a split log wedge
If the car slipped while changing oil
He'd be smashed into the soil

And the chainsaw on the tree
Scared the shit right out of me
The flying chainsaw fell away
But he could've died that day

Viewing these things are not too fun
When you're scared you'll need 911
To save the life of a brave fool
From things he should have learned at school
So learn what you've read in this poem
And don't you dare try this at home

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