MastoPrompt: Bridge

Edit: I mistaking believed that I had missed "bridge". I remedied that in a double up poem with "ink". "It's "steam" that I have missed and will have to address later. In any case, enjoy the bonus poem.

This one was a prompt I missed from a few days ago. Although quite a few places might be in the same situation, in this poem I am referring to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. In 50 yers time, the only part that might remain above the water could be Kill Devil Hill, which is 93 feet tall. Almost all of the rest is within 5 feet (1.7 meters) of sea level. Homes there are built on stilts so storm surge passes under the house instead of flooding it and the main road for most of it (NC 12) has been washed out on many occasions.

I know a place where people stay
Although bridges get washed away
When they're hit by a hurricane
Regardless they still remain
"We'll just rebuild it" they decree
When their house floats into the sea
Back up on posts stuck in the sand
Because there is no other land

One day we'll just throw up our hands
And let the ocean take the sands
Because the large sea level rise
Have reduced them to naught in size

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