MastoPrompt: Cut

Tanweer is taking a break so we've taken it upon ourselves to come up with a MastoPrompt. Yesterday's was "ink". No one had suggested one yet as of 10:30 AM and 4PM is the deadline for cutting NFL rosters down to 53 players on the active roster, so I've suggested "cut" and run with it.

The day that I was drafted
My eyes were full of gleam
I swore to friends and family
That I would make the team

I came to the facility
I thought I was home free
Ninety of us there were
We'll be cut to fifty-three

I was called to the front office
Coach and GM were there
They acted tough and business like
But I know that they care

"I know you played your heart out.
You put on quite a show.
There's better folks in your place
So we have to let you go."

I shook their hand and took my box
Cried then I drove away
My position's too saturated
There I can never play

I do not wallow in my sadness
I still train alone
I hope it's another team calling
When I hear my phone

There's other leagues and practice squads
Maybe even third strings
I hope for any of those offers
Each time my phone rings

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