MastoPrompt: Despair

Some prompts just lend themselves to going off on one, like this one which is "despair". Maybe this is just my way of going off on one in a way that rhymes when the prompt lends itself to that. This is particularly pointed at one country but is vague enough that is might fit a number of others.

This land is one full of upheaval
As one side calls the other evil
And everyone should be alarmed
As one side is heavily armed
The other can naught but despair
For half the folks are unaware
The media, they keep their silence
Despite threats or committed violence
Officials leave or must comply
Facilitate the sacred lie
Good luck having an election
When folks that process the selection
Have suddenly all quit their jobs
Due to threats by insane knobs
Who have their brains pumped full of lies
And no longer believe their eyes
A dictator they clamor for
For which they'll cause a civil war
"Round them up" they all request
But they don't know they will be next

Tags: MastoPrompt Poetry US Politics