MastoPrompt: Disarming

This is about the gun crisis in the US. MastoPrompt was "disarming"

There's a constant thread
To issues in the USA
But it's sticky and divisive
No one here wants to say
The quantity of guns we have
Is really quite alarming
But there'd a massive civil war
If there were a disarming

There's 330 million people
300 million guns
And a small fraction of the folks
Have way more than just one
Some people have armories
And aren't right in the head
Planning for the end of the days
Intruders will be dead

And places in the inner city
With robberies and looting
And random homes with bullet holes
Left from a drive-by shooting
"Stop armed bad guys with good guys"
That's the NRA's song
But if saw what happened in Uvalde
They're absolutely wrong

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