MastoPrompt: Dreary

This was written 4 hours into a cable outage. It lasted a bit over 10 hours. And as the poem says, my county signed an exclusivity agreement with Cox a while back that lasts 20 years. I don't know all the details of it but I'm not the only one who's displeased with how we've been treated by them.

The afternoon's becoming dreary
And parents have become quite weary
On Facebook are dissatifactions
As their children lack distractions
Their school laptops aren't working fine
Because they're forced to be online
No TV, streaming, XBox Live
Cell phone apps or PS5

They're all inside and feeling blue
The cable has been out since two
"The ETA is 6:04
Just bear with us" they do implore
However that time has just passed
And our patience will not last

Some are calling for a bounty
On who cut a deal from the county
Exclusive rights for 20 years
With no escape clause are our fears
If twice a month we're out for hours
Can we then appeal to powers
Like the Board of Supervisors
Can they be contract revisors?

So we have antenna TV
And internet there is 4G
For the days when the cable tanks
Because Cox's a bunch of useless wanks

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