MastoPrompt: Extinction

Allow me to explain what MastoPrompt is. As far as I know, it was created by Tanweer Dar. The idea is that you write a poem containing a word that changes each day. In this case, it was "extinction". I ran across it when I saw his poem and decided to reply with my own. His is available here, but I've copied it down (sans hashtags) in case it disappears. Mine certainly will because I delete posts after a certain length of time.

His was:

Are we headed
Towards extinction
And will we leave
With any distinction
Or are we destined
To fizzle out
No great finale
No mighty shout
Into the abyss
Whence we came
Into our own shame

To which I replied:

It's sad we lead
A long parade
Of animals
Into the shade
And soon there will be
No more room
For species we lead
Into doom
Into extinction
We will travel
And ecosystems
We'll unravel
It's not just us
We exterminate
Plants and animals
Will also terminate
When weather patterns
We amplify
Whole species gone
They all will die
This place might be
There might remain
A single tree

Basically, we're not just headed towards extinction but we're taking a lot of plants and animals with us.

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