MastoPrompt: Frustration

Just like "despair" yesterday, today's "frustration" is just begging for another political venting poem, but this one was too difficult to make applicable to multiple countries. I am proud of myself of how far I had to reach to make complicated words rhyme with each other, especially when some of it is legal jargon.

It's a source of mass frustration
To people all across the nation
They're slowly losing every right
And cannot even start a fight
Against the folks whose revocations
Are personal inclinations
They have in mind their declarations
And work back to explanations
Reverting to the past they swivel
To justify their biased drivel
Ignore inconvenience they saw
And tearing up former case law
Till former Supreme Court decisions
Are gutted or full of revisions
I'd be remiss to lack commendments
For codifying into amendments
Rights most important within burned
And they cannot be overturned
This places there a firewall
And redirects the large snowball
Effect of the legal excisions
By political decisions

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