MastoPrompt: Gaudy

This turned into a bit of an epic but there was a story forming after the second stanza so I couldn't cut it off. It was originally more fuming about people being arrested for protesting against the monarchy and other special legal classes, but then it started to take an Arab Spring/French Revolution turn, without all the infighting afterward.

There are a bunch of various classes
Whose upper ones get special passes
When gaudy trinkets shown implore
That they should be let through the door
To places where the hoi polloi
Can never experience such joy
And if a line they've crossed, dismissed
Or maybe just a slap on the wrist
Through money, status, royal birth
They somehow achieved special worth
But when evidence of this is found
Society becomes unsound

"Who are they in these upper classes
That get treated better than the masses?
What is this awkward explanation
That shows this differing relation?"
"The law says so" says the police
"Written by them with no release
For those who choose to rock the boat
By singing on a different note"

The crowd protests but there's no luck
As tear gas canisters police chuck
To drive the angry folks away
To live to fight another day
But days later the doorbell rings
There stands a cop with handcuff rings
"We saw you on CCTV
And now you have to come with me"
They all line up in single file
And each of them are put on trial
No jury there, there is no vote
Convicted of rocking the boat

This is no permanent solution
There soon will be a revolution
And cops will choose between family
And defending the powers that be
To renounce their former job
And join the protesting mob
Or stay and think that they might fair
Well against demonstrators there
If they succeed they have the nerve
To think they'll join the ones they serve

That sort of plan will never do
They'll never be included to
The parties that the others throw
Upward they will never go
At best they'll be security
To other members they might see
Just a pawn in their giant chess game
To keep the candle burning flame

But when the flame reaches the base
It becomes a massive race
To avoid a deadly fate
The guests will then evacuate
And the bell will finally toll
For henchmen who have sold their soul
But crowds will then their forces send
To each who should have met their end
And classes will then finally fall
Equal treatment once and for all

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