MastoPrompt: Mist

"Mist" is a strange prompt today and it seems most people went with the weather theme. Not me. I went with a true story about burning office popcorn!

Someone on another team had burned it and the smoke was so thick that it affected us on the other side of the building. Our team taped up a sign with instructions on how to cook microwave popcorn without burning it and at the bottom was a picture of Smokey the Bear with the words "Only you can stop burnt popcorn!"

Years later, the fire alarm went off, we all evacuated, and 15 minutes later, the fire department told us it was burned popcorn in the microwave that set off the alarm and allowed us back into the building.

In the office there was a mist
That none of us have since then missed
Visibility on the decrease
And smelled just like some burning grease
We guessed the source of this strange fog
Had someone outside burned a log?

We learned when one of us did wave
It came out of the microwave
Someone had some popcorn burned
And at that point to smoke it turned
Now since that point you're out of luck
Into the dumpster you must it chuck
Because the smoke it will not stay
If you just throw the bag away

To avoid a reoccurrence
Instructions were taped for insurance
With a picture of Smokey the Bear
Ignore them and you must beware
If it trips our fire alarm
The offender will come to harm
And everyone will come to hate
Who caused us to evacuate

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