MastoPrompt: Question

I've decided to carry on with MastoPrompt poems so I've copied it over so it won't be lost eventually. The prompt today was "question".

All the media you find
They each will have an axe to grind
Books, TV, websites, social media
Newspapers, even Wikipedia!
Compare and contrast every subject
You'll find some things to which you object
Narratives are pushed to you
Some things in there are just not true
So keep these doubts within your mind
And question everything you find

There's not a single source or person that can truthfully claim they're unbiased. They might say that they are but they're liars. Even with two people working off the same sets of sources, their own biases can lead them to wildly different conclusions. There's no way to completely eliminate bias. It's a product of the human mind.

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