MastoPrompt: Spoon

There are protests going on at mourning ceremonies for Queen Elizabeth II either calling for the monarchy to be abolished or for Prince Andrew to be arrested. They are being arrested even though they're either shouting or holding up signs. Nothing is being impeded by their protests and yet they're being arrested and charged for breach of the peace. This is about how the actions of the police are some censorship bullshit.

At processions some will wail
That one prince should be thrown in jail
How is it that not him, but they
Are handcuffed and then dragged away?

"We don't like it" say the police
"It's an offence of breach of peace"
An overly broad regulation
Abused without hesitation

If silver spoons and public figures
Can the laws then reconfigure
To silence voices, articles kill
Against the journalists' will

Then we all need to rewind
Back to when those laws were defined
For right now you've defined oppression
And have no free speech or expression

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