MastoPrompt: Sycophant

This was written the day after Queen Elizabeth II of England passed away. There was a fight between people who wanted to mourn her death and others who were angry that she didn't shut down colonization quicker and her handling of Prince Andrew. The UK goes into a massive media protocol of mourning when a royal dies but I'm looking at this from the outside so I'm not subjected to it. I don't know if things are so heavily regimented when a PM dies, but the media and public reacted VERY differently when Margaret Thatcher died.

Half of the UK’s in a tizzy
After the death of old Queen Lizzy
And many sycophants are crying
And criticisms they’re decrying
About what all of the things she knew
And the things she refused to do
“It’s not the time! She’s barely dead!
Let’s talk about the good instead!”

The phrase is “Don’t speak ill of the dead”
Which was blatantly ignored instead
When Thatcher croaked folks were elated
And in the streets they celebrated
And party goers’ caustic views
Were broadcast on the TV news

But since she’s royalty I guess
Ill talk of her we must suppress
To carry on the whole charade
Until the last goodbye parade

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