MastoPrompt: Thoughtful

This is another vent poem, but rather than it being about politics, it's about a project I started a month or so ago to handle the family's NFL football pool. I decided to make it generic enough to handle any sport where you have two teams/people playing against one another at once. That was a poor decision. With every league, it seems I have to make things more and more configurable, for example:

I thought that I would write some code
To offload some of my work load
For every year we have a pool
And I believed it would be cool
If I add games and set who won
The logic of it would be done

I started with the NFL
That's what we use it for as well
My eagerness I must beware
"Should work for all of them" I declare
"Where there's just two teams to a game
I think that it should work the same"

But each league's a bit of a freak
And with each I must add another tweak
Do I stop and limit scope
Or carry on and then just cope?
Because this code I will not sell
So others can use it as well

One day I'll have to draw a line
Release it all and call it fine
A thoughtful plan that I had coded
Now the scope has just exploded
Code it still? Code it not?
Or give up and just scrap the lot?

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