MastoPrompts: Bridge and Ink

Yup, this was another double up. This one is about getting a traffic fine in the mail for supposedly using the Midtown Tunnel in Hampton Roads at a peak time, which would not be a good idea for those going to the beach. Either use the Downtown tunnel which is (slightly) cheaper or use I-64 or I-664 to go around, both of which are free. If you have an E-ZPass, they charge that, otherwise they send a bill to the address on the car's license plates and more than double the price.

We took a trip down to the beach
To feel the salt wind and the sand
A week past the day we returned
I got some mail I could not stand
"$6" it said, the ink on paper
"That's the charge for our tunnel, sir.
We saw your plates upon our camera."
But that's never where we were!
I rang them up and fought the system
Got a human and used my head
"I never passed within your tunnel.
For I had used the bridge instead.
Look at the picture in the letter.
What are the characters you see?
The letters there are blurred and scrambled.
There's no way that it could be me."
They had a look and just gave up
"You're right, we will remove the fine."
I thanked them, hung up, then I shouted
"Finally victory is mine!"

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