Political Ads

It's that time of the year again! Let's take a quick minute to go through the emotional manipulation you'll see as every other conmercial through November 2:

If you're unlucky enough to have primaries for electon races, then you'll well and truly sick of it because this has been going on since APRIL!

You see and hear the same commercials 50 times a day for a week or two before each candidate picks another thing off that list to create a new comnercial. If they think it's going to make me pick them by how much they annoy me with those things, they're wrong. You can turn the TV and radio off but you get the stuff in the mail and all over the internet (if you've not got the good sense to use an ad blocker). Of course they use the glossy paper for it so you can't recycle it either! It's a waste of literally millions of dollars!

I think that we should run election campaigns like Canada or the UK. Election campaigning can only begin a certain number of weeks before the election, let's say 5. They also only have a limited amount of money to campaign with. So we wouldn't see any of this until September 29 and only see some of it because they can't pay for ad campaigns on every single godforsaken station.

Of course, this'll never happen in the US because "money = speech". Thanks to that, campaigns have unlimited money to pollute our airwaves with their lies and fearmongering. Advocacy groups get in on the action too and who the hell knows who's behind those because they don't have to tell you. At least with candidates you know who's behind it, but with the groups it could be any number of shadowy m/billionaires and/or corporations.

Right now I'd like to take the marketers of all the political candidates, direct or indirect, put them all in a big sack, hang the bag from the ceiling, and let people have a go at beating them with sticks. Once they finally shut the hell up, they can get out of the sack, climb down, and find a less evil job. If they don't get the message, back in the sack the offenders go until I hear squishing noises. That's how pissed off I am with the lot of them right now.

I've already mailed in my ballot but still have to deal with this for another month. I need to find a good rock to hide under for a while.

Day 53 of #100DaysToOffload

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