Football Pool Week 1

Every year during NFL season, our family has a football pick em pool. There's no money involved and point spreads are ignored. I'd like to get around to automating it one of these days but not being able to use a computer is a real issue for some players.

Our regular players are Mom, my brother, Grandpa, and I. Sometimes Grandma is in a state of mind to play and sometimes she isn't. Dementia is taking its toll on her but that's a discussion for another day. I administer the whole thing, but to be fair to them, I do my picks early in the week so I can't choose based on who they took. With that said, here's a quick rundown of who we took and how we all did.


  1. Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: This one was pretty easy. We all got it right.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons: We were split on this. Atlanta is generally pretty decent and Philly is part of the usually crap NFC East. Somehow Philly managed to turn the Falcons into a bloody smear across the field.
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills: This was another split because they're each at least half decent. Not too bad of a game but the Steelers won.
  4. New York Jets at Carolina Panthers: Seriously, who's going for the Jets?! Seems Grandpa did, and of course he lost.
  5. Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals: This was another split and for good reason. It was only a 3 point game but the Bengals took it.
  6. San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions: Everyone thought the 49ers were going to turn the Lions into trophies for their walls. It was a lot closer than that. I was the only one who took the Lions, and I still lost, but they nearly tied it up in the end.
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans: We all thought Jacksonville was going to take this and were all wrong. Turns out Jacksonville's QB can't hit the broad side of their own teammates, preferring the other team instead.
  8. Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis Colts: Sometimes the crowd can be right. We took Seattle and they won.
  9. Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee Titans: The crowd's not always to be trusted. We all took the Titans and lost again.
    1. Los Angeles Chargers at Washington Football Team: This one was another split. My general hatred of WFT means I never take them and I was right to as they lost.
    2. Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs: Cleveland's getting good and KC's been good. One person took Cleveland but were let down softly.
    3. Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots: Can the Dolphins beat a Brady and Gronkless Patriots? We were divided on this issue until the Dolphins just squeaked by to take it.
    4. Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints: This game was in Jacksonville due to Hurricane Ida. Turns out the Saints didn't need home field advantage because Aaron Rodgers was a disaster. Jacksonville got a lot greener with the remains of the Packers and Grandpa was the only one who saw it coming.
    5. Denver Broncos at New York Giants: One person believed in the Giants enough to take them. Someone failed to inform the Giants of this as they fell to the Broncos.
    6. Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams: This was another split. Given enough players around him, Matt Stafford managed to do with the Rams what he couldn't do much with the Lions: mulch the Bears.
    7. Baltimore Ravens at Las Vegas Raiders: This was a nail-biter because it ran into OT. The Raiders took it in OT but what's more important is the score for the tiebreaker. It was 33+27=60 points.


There would be a 3 way tie for 2nd but the combined points of the last scheduled game is used for the tiebreaker.

  1. Brother: 10 games
  2. Me: 8 games (51 points)
  3. Mom: 8 games (44 points)
  4. Grandpa: 8 games (42 points)

I expect to carry on with these summaries until I get sick of them or the regular season ends.

Day 47 of #100DaysToOffload

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