Football Pool Week 11

Now time for Week 11 of the football pool. I think I'm probably better off just flipping a coin now. Pretty much if it's not a lock, it's a tossup.


  1. New England Patriots at Atlanta Falcons: Only Grandpa thought the Falcons would beat the Patriots. It's a good thing he didn't watch that game. They got absolutely demolished.
  2. Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills: This one was a split. The Bills lost in spectacular fashion to the Colts.
  3. Washington Football Team at Carolina Panthers: Grandpa's fandom scores him a win as he was the only one who took Washington. It was a pretty close one though.
  4. Baltimore Ravens at Chicago Bears: If the game had ended a minute earlier, the Bears and Grandpa would have won. It was pretty slow until the 4th when both teams woke up. %Ravens just squeak by.
  5. Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns: This is another game that no one should have won. Cleveland (and everyone but Grandpa) won but it wasn't pleasant.
  6. San Francisco 49ers at Jacksonville Jaguars: This is another gamble by Grandpa that didn't pay off. Jacksonville might have better luck if they can hold onto the ball.
  7. Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings: And this one actually did. It came down to a last second field goal but the Vikings and Grandpa won this one.
  8. Miami Dolphins at New York Jets: This one was a split because no one's good here. The Dolphins won but still...
  9. New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles: This one was a split and very close to being a blowout. The Saints put up 22 points in the 4th but they were too far behind.
    1. Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans: This was another gamble that paid off for Grandpa. The Titans were bound to set the world on fire, until they turned the ball over 5 times! That's what loses you games.
    2. Cincinnati Bengals at Las Vegas Raiders: This one was another split but the outcome wasn't even close. Bengals maul the Raiders.
    3. Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City Chiefs: This was a winning gamble by my brother. The Cowboys couldn't do much of anything, except for throw 2 picks.
    4. Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks: Grandpa gambled on the Seahawks and lost. Russell Wilson got beat by a backup (Colt McCoy). That's gotta hurt.
    5. Pittsburgh Steelers at Los Angeles Chargers: I gambled on the Steelers and barely lost. This was a shootout until the very end.
    6. New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: As we all expected, the Bucs trounced the Giants. Tiebreaker was 30 + 10 = 40 points.


  1. Brother: 10 games
  2. Grandpa: 8 games but 36 points
  3. Mom: 8 games but 45 points
  4. Me: 8 games but 50 points

Day 76 of #100DaysToOffload

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