Football Pool Week 14

Now time for Week 14 of the football pool. This is going to be abbreviated because we all took the same teams for all but 4 games. Out of the ones we agreed upon, we were correct on all but the Bengals and the Cardinals. I'll just address the ones we differed upon below. This did go down to a tie and the tiebreaker was 53 points.

Due to family issues, we were unable to get Grandpa's picks, so he got the majority pick or if tied the home team.


  1. Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers: Mom and the bot both went for Atlanta and won.
  2. Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns: Everyone except me thought the Ravens were going to destroy the Browns. They probably would have if Lamar Jackson were not injured early in the game. I feel bad winning if it's due to a key injury.
  3. New Orleans Saints at New York Jets: I keep telling Mom that the Jets are crap. She took them anyway and lost.
  4. Detroit Lions at Denver Broncos: The Broncos were mourning a retired player. The Lions had about 15 people due to COVID and the flu. For some reason my brother still took them.


  1. Me: 10 games but 51 points
  2. Bot: 10 games but 61 points
  3. Mom: 9 games but 45 points
  4. Grandpa: 9 games but 61 points
  5. Brother: 8 games

Day 85 of #100DaysToOffload

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