Football Pool Week 16

Now time for Week 16 of the football pool. Everyone was able to take part and games didn't get shifted around at the last second, so that's good.


  1. San Francisco 49ers at Tennessee Titans: My dumb ass thought the 49ers were going to beat the Titans. Clearly I was wrong.
  2. Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers: We all backed the Packers and were not disappointed.
  3. Indianapolis Colts at Arizona Cardinals: This one was a split. I think the Lions broke the Cardinal's spirit.
  4. Detroit Lions at Atlanta Falcons: This was a split and ridiculously coach. With Goff, the Lions would have won. However he was out with COVID and Tim Boyle was in for him.
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers: Somehow Grandpa thought the Panthers were going to beat the Bucs. Nope.
  6. Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals: And he thought the Ravens were going to beat the Ravens. Less unrealistic but still no.
  7. Los Angeles Chargers at Houston Texans: We all got duped. We all took the Chargers over the Texans and lost.
  8. Los Angeles Rams at Minnesota Vikings: And we got it right by taking the Rams over the Vikings.
  9. Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots: Grandpa's revenge! He's the only one who took the Bills and they won.
    1. Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets: No one should have won but the Jets did and we had all taken them.
    2. New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles: We all took the Eagles and won.
    3. Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks: This was another split and really close. The Bears just barely beat the Seahawks.
    4. Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs: Grandpa took the Steelers. Everyone else took the Chiefs. Chiefs won.
    5. Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders: Mom took the Raiders. Everyone else took the Broncos. She won.
    6. Washington Football Team at Dallas Cowboys: Everyone took the Cowboys except for Grandpa and his misplaced fandom. Washington got the everloving shit beaten out of them, and the WFT linemen started fighting each other.
    7. Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints: Mom was the only one to take the Saints and it cost her the outright lead. Tiebreaker was 20 + 3 = 23 points.


  1. Mom: 12 games but 48 points
  2. Bot: 12 games but 58 points
  3. Brother: 11 games
  4. Me: 10 games
  5. Grandpa: 9 games

Day 92 of #100DaysToOffload

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