Football Pool Week 17

Now time for Week 17 of the football pool. This is another week where we took a lot of games the same, so it's easier just to list the ones we took different. Grandpa was out this week due to scheduling.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Jets: I don't know why Mom took the Jets? Maybe she thought they'd rest their starters? Either, it didn't happen and the Jets lost the game and Antonio Brown lost his mind.
  2. Miami Dolphins at Tennessee Titans: This one was a split. It turned out to not even be close. Titans are eating dolphin tonight!
  3. Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Football Team: Mom took Washington and lost again, but it was at least close.
  4. Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks: There are two TB12's. Tom Brady and Tim Boyle. Tom Brady is as good at being a QB as Tim Boyle is bad at it. My brother had faith in the wrong TB12.
  5. Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers: Mom gets revenge by being the only one to take the Steelers. Tiebreaker was 26 + 14 = 40 points.


  1. Me: 12 games but 41 points
  2. Bot: 12 games but 44 points
  3. Brother: 11 games
  4. Mom: 10 games

Day 94 of #100DaysToOffload

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