Football Pool Week 18

Now time for Week 18 of the football pool. I think we didn't taken into account each team's playoff position when picking teams this week because we didn't do as well. Every game is a divisional game in Week 18.


  1. New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons: Only my brother took the Saints. He was right.
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens: The bot took the Steelers while everyone took the Ravens. It went to OT but the bot was right.
  3. New York Jets at Buffalo Bills: Everyone took the Bills and won.
  4. Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns: I am the onle one who took the Browns. They won.
  5. Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions: None of us took the Lions. Turns out this was the day the Packers decided to rest their starters half the game. The Lions won.
  6. Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans: Everyone took the Titans and won.
  7. Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars: Everyone took the Colts and lost. I encourage you to look at clips from that game because a large number of fans were dressed us a clowns in protest of their GM being retained.
  8. New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins: My brother took the Dolphins and was right.
  9. Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings: This was a split. The Vikings won.
    1. Washington Football Team at New York Giants: Mom took the Giants and lost. It was barely a game.
    2. Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles: Everyone took the Cowboys and won.
    3. Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Everybody took the Bucs and won. Brady's trying to break some records.
    4. Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals: Everyone took the Cardinals and were surprised when the Seahawks won.
    5. Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos: Grandpa took the Broncos and lost.
    6. San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams: And now he gets his revenge with the 49ers. They beat the Rams in overtime.
    7. Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders: This was another split. It went into overtime but the Raiders won it. Tiebreaker was 35 + 32 = 67 points


  1. Bot: 9 games
  2. Brother: 8 games but 65 points
  3. Me: 8 games but 49 points
  4. Grandpa: 7 games but 60 points
  5. Mom: 7 games but 51 points

Day 96 of #100DaysToOffload

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