Football Pool Week 2

Now time for Week 2 of the football pool. Grandma kinda got to play this week. Grandpa picked all her teams for her but a few were different than what he picked for himself.


  1. New York Giants at Washington Football Team: My distrust of Washington bit me as I was the only one who lost the game when they won on a last second field goal.
  2. New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers: Everyone picked the Panthers and lost. I guess we all thought the Saints were good because of them destroying the Packers last week. The Panthers did the same to the Saints so we were all fooled.
  3. Cincinnati Bengals at Chicago Bears: This was a split and a close game. The Bears pulled it out at the end though.
  4. Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns: This is another game where I went off on my own, chose the Texans, and got burned. Good thing I don't have any money on this.
  5. Los Angeles Rams at Indianapolis Colts: And again with the Colts. I think people might be better off taking the opposite of whatever I picked.
  6. Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars: This was another split. I don't know why people have faith in the Jaguars. The Broncos whooped them.
  7. Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins: Everyone but my brother took the Dolphins. We were so stupid. They got shut out by the Bills at home. Who wants dolphin sushi?!
  8. New England Patriots at New York Jets: Even a Brady-less, Gronk-less Patriots can down the Jets pretty easily. Grandma still took them, so she lost that one on her own.
  9. San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles: Neither did much but the Eagles managed to do even less. After seeing the rally by the Lions last week against the 49ers, everyone except for Grandma thought the 49ers were bad. Not as bad as the Eagles it seems.
    1. Las Vegas Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers: We were all tricked by this one. The Steelers are usually decent but the Raiders got the better of them.
    2. Minnesota Vikings at Arizona Cardinals: Mom went off on her own to take the Vikings and paid for it at the very last second.
    3. Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: This was another split. Grandma and Grandpa took the Falcons and we took the Bucs. Do they not know that Brady's on the Bucs now?
    4. Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Chargers: This was another split and another really close game. A last second field goal broke the tie at the end of regulation.
    5. Tennessee Titans at Seattle Seahawks: This was me being stupid again and it costing me a game. It went into overtime so it could have gone either way, though that's little consolation.
    6. Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens: This is the exact same split as with Dallas and the Chargers. This offset that choice as Grandma and Grandpa took the Ravens who won.
    7. Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers: 3 of us thought the Lions were going to win. We forgot that when you're the Lions, you play both your opponent and the refs, with stats to back that up. And of course the Lions lost. It was 35+17=52 points.


  1. Grandma: 11 games
  2. Brother: 9 games but 57 points
  3. Grandpa: 9 games but 60 points
  4. Mom: 8 games
  5. Me: 4 games

Day 51 of #100DaysToOffload

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