Football Pool Week 3

Now time for Week 3 of the football pool. Grandma picked her own teams this week and it shows. This week was full of surprises and came down to the very end.


  1. Carolina Panthers at Houston Texans: Everyone thought Carolina was a safe bet and they did not disappoint.
  2. Washington Football Team at Buffalo Bills: No, that brown smear on the field is not a massive skid mark. It's what was the Washington Football Team. Two people took Washington and turned off the TV to spare their souls.
  3. Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns: Despite the past history on both sides, the Browns are now good and the Bears really suck. One person still took the Bears though.
  4. Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions: This one was insane and was a split between us. The Ravens are playoff contenders. The Lions are rebuilding. It took a bit of ref fuckery and a record 66 yard field goal for the Racens to win at the last second. More on this in another article because this is tied in with another ball of wax.
  5. Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville Jaguars: This is closer than it should have been but the Jaguars are just dreadful. Everyone except Grandma picked Arizona for a good reason.
  6. Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs: This one fooled us all. The Chiefs are usually amazing and the Chargers not so much. We all took the Chiefs and lost this upset.
  7. New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots: This was another tough one that split us. The Saints are usually at least decent. The Patriots used to be incredible but lost two of their main weapons to Tampa Bay, so it's a tossup. Seems they were just too good at keeping the team afloat so without them, the Saints beat the Patriots.
  8. Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants: We were split on who sucked worse, the Falcons or the Giants. Based on the last second field goal, it's the Giants.
  9. Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers: Most of us held out hope that the Steelers would continue to be decent this year. One person broke ranks and won.
    1. Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans: Ok, Grandma was absolutely doing these picks in the blind. She was the only one who picked the Colts, who then proceeded to lose.
    2. New York Jets at Denver Broncos: Ok, same story. If there's one thing to remember, it's that the Jets SUCK. Guess who still took them?
    3. Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders: Grandma went off on her own with the Dolphins and this time it actually paid off! Wait, not it didn't. They went to OT before losing though, so moral victory?
    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Los Angeles Rams: This was a hard game to judge. On the Bucs you have Tom Brady, who won many Super Bowls. On the other you have Matt Stafford, recently traded from the Lions in hopes of actually winning something. Turns out if you put the right people around Stafford, he can crush it.
    5. Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings: Grandma went off on her own again with the Vikings and this time it actually paid off! Seriously! I'm just as surprised as you!
    6. Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers: Pretty much everyone took the Packers save for...yup, Grandma. This one went down to the wire as well but Green Bay took it with a last minute field goal. What is it with this week?!
    7. Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys: We were divided again on this one but it turned out not to be even close. The Cowboys turned the Eagles into a midnight snack. Tiebreaker was 21 + 41 = 62 points


  1. Brother: 11 games but 62 points!
  2. Me: 11 games but 52 points
  3. Mom: 11 games but 44 points
  4. Grandpa: 8 games
  5. Grandma: 7 games

Day 54 of #100DaysToOffload

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