Football Pool Week 4

We had a decisive winner this week. Grandma unfortunately couldn't take part this week due to external factors. Only one game was a real split between us. The others we all took the same team or one of us went astray.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals: I'm surprised that anyone took the Jaguars what with them being 0-3. I'm even more surprised that the Bengals had such a hard time with them with them being 3-0. It took a last minute field goal to put them ahead and for Grandpa to lose that game.
  2. Washington Football Team at Atlanta Falcons: Maybe I should give Washington more credit. Or maybe the Falcons just suck. Either way, I took the Falcons and they lost.
  3. Houston Texans at Buffalo Bills: Grandpa took the Texans and the Texans never flew back. They ended up as a bloody smear across the 50 yard line due to the 40-0 massacre they suffered. At least the Bills can just blend it is because their colors are so similar.
  4. Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears: Which Lions are going to show up today? The ones that can't make passes to save their lives! Grandpa saw it coming and took the Bears. Hope blinded the rest of us.
  5. Carolina Panthers at Dallas Cowboys: It ws a difficult decision as to who was better. Most of us took the Cowboys and Grandpa took the Panthers. Grandpa ended up on the losing end of that one.
  6. Indianapolis Colts at Miami Dolphins: We all took the Dolphins and were misled. Colts took it by a good bit.
  7. Cleveland Browns at Minnesota Vikings: Somehow I thought the Vikings had gotten better. Nope! I got burned on that one.
  8. New York Giants at New Orleans Saints: Almost all of us thought the Saints were going to win. Then it went to overtime and Grandpa was proven right.
  9. Tennessee Titans at New York Jets: I can pretty much copy paste the last game with the names replaced.
    1. Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles: We were all right for once. Yay.
    2. Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams: This is a shock but we're going to have to get used to the Cardinals being good. It seens Grandpa's already there.
    3. Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers: Mom is the only one that foresaw Seattle winning. I think it's more to do with Russell Wikson being from around here as the reason she picked them.
    4. Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos: This is the one that really split us. The Ravens did a number on the Broncos though.
    5. Pittsburgh Steelers at Green Bay Packers: Most of us saw Green Bay winning but not Grandpa. It wasn't that bad though.
    6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots: This grudge match coukd have gone either way. None of us bet against Brady and got another game for it.
    7. Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers: I wonder if there's a lightning rod on top of the stadium connected to the Chargers locker room to give them some extra charge. The game was delayed by thunderstorms. Chargers came out on top. Tiebreaker was 14 + 28 = 42 points.


  1. Mom: 11 games
  2. Grandpa: 9 games but 42 points
  3. Brother: 9 games but 57 points
  4. Me: 7 games

Day 59 of #100DaysToOffload

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