Football Pool Week 5

Now time for Week 5 of the football pool. We all did really well this week for some reason, probably due to most games being obvious who was going to take it from the off. There were a few nail biters in the mix but most of them were pretty clear.


  1. Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks: I already wrote how this was a weird game but we all took the Rams and won.
  2. New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons (in London): I don't know why Grandpa took the Jets but it cost him a game. I know Atlanta's bad right now, but the Jets are worse. The Jets diod try to come back to no avail.
  3. Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers: And he was redeemed by taking the Eagles. This was a close one though.
  4. Green Bay Packers at Cincinnati Bengals: This was a split for good reason. Seriously, what is up with their kickers? Eventually the Packers managed to make a kick to win in OT, but 5 misses in a row between them?!
  5. New England Patriots at Houston Texans: We all knew the Pats were going to take this one and they did not disappoint.
  6. Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars: For some reason unbeknownst to me, Grandpa took the Jaguars. And they got mulched by the Titans.
  7. Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings: I did not expect this to a split or to be this close. A last second field goal put the Vikings above a team made almost entirely of late round draft picks and undrafted free agents led by a man who is a cross between Braveheart and Stone Cold.
  8. Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers: No one went for the Steelers. We were dumb. They cruised past the Broncos.
  9. Miami Dolphins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Everyone took the Bucs for good reason. Dolphin sushi is back on the menu!
    1. New Orleans Saints at Washington Football Team: Only my brother took the Saints. Washington was an absolute disaster in the passing game in the one game where the rest of us took them. Remind me never to take them again.
    2. Cleveland Browns at Los Angeles Chargers: This game broke all sorts of records, most of them ending in "and then lost". By all rights, either of them should have taken this game, but the Chargers took it.
    3. Chicago Bears at Las Vegas Raiders: This was another split but the Raiders were far from a win the whole time.
    4. San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals: 2-2 vs 4-0, 2-2 vs 4-0. We all went with the latter and were rewarded for it. The Cardinals are the only undefeated team left.
    5. New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys: This was another disater we knew to steer clear of. Another game for each of us for taking the Cowboys.
    6. Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs: This was one of the longest games in NFL history due to the lightning delays. It was also the game that my brother took the Bills so he ended up tying me. I, being an idiot, congraulated him on winning the week prematurely due to 38+20=58
    7. Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens: And now he really did win. We all took the Ravens for obvious reasons but it went to overtime! 25 + 31 = 56 points so he still won on points.


  1. Brother: 11 games but 56 points
  2. Me: 11 games but 46 points
  3. Mom: 10 games but 48 points
  4. Grandpa: 10 games but 42 points

Day 64 of #100DaysToOffload

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