Football Pool Week 6

Now time for Week 6 of the football pool. This week had a lot of games that got out of hand really fast, which made my job easy. However, we never took all the same teams in any game so it was interesting, until 4:30 when it became a two-horse race with the second 2 lengths back hoping to catch up.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles: This one should have been obvious, but it ended up being a split. I think Grandma and Grandpa do this just as a break from monotony. Bucs took it as expected.
  2. Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville Jaguars: I wish "neither" was an option for this game because it was awful on both sides. Somehow Jacksonville won at the very last second.
  3. Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens: I thought the Chargers were going to whomp the Ravens, but it seems the Ravens had all their people back and only my brother knew this. Seems the Chargers need to be replaced as they were torn apart by the Ravens.
  4. Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers: Almost all of us thought the Vikings were going to lose to the Panthers given how narrowly they beat the Lions last week. Grandma took them and they won in OT.
  5. Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears: This was another split, surprisingly. As usual, the Packers win it and Aaron Rodgers is a prick.
  6. Cincinnati Bengals at Detroit Lions: I can't believe you still have faith in the Lions this year, Grandpa. It was quite misplaced as the Bengals broke a foot off in the Lions.
  7. Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts: This was another that was over pretty quickly. Grandma was the only one who took the Texans, who were dealing with a rookie QB who threw 2 picks. You ain't coming back from that.
  8. Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants: This one was over by halftime. 4-1 plays 1-4. We all know what happened. Grandpa still took the Giants for some reason.
  9. Kansas City Chiefs at Washington Football Team: This was a split, though that may be more due to fandom than anything else. The Chiefs beat the Washington Felonius Traffickers and I don't have the heart to explain that to the two people who took them.
    1. Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland Browns: Did almost all of us forget the Cardinals were 5-0 save for my brother?! He didn't and he won. To continue the analogy, this game is what made the trailing horse fall.
    2. Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos: I guess Grandpa knew that Denver was going to give up the ball 4 times. He's the only one who took the Raiders, and it paid off for him.
    3. Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots: I'm more surprised that it came down to OT than the Cowboys winning. Everybody but Grandpa took the Cowboys. Maybe it's a rivalry thing that he didn't?
    4. Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers: This was another game that went down to OT, so it's a good thing I didn't stay up for it. This was a split due to a key injury and blind guessing, but the Steelers won in OT.
    5. Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans: Only my brother kew of the 4th quarter rally to give the Titans the win over the Bills. This is another I didn't stay up for, but at least it didn't go into overtime.


  1. Brother: 11 games
  2. Me: 8 games
  3. Mom: 7 games
  4. Grandma: 6 games
  5. Grandpa: 4 games

Day 66 of #100DaysToOffload

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