Football Pool Week 7

Now time for Week 7 of the football pool. Grandpa picked Grandma's games this week. A final winner wasn't determined until Monday morning after the Indy game.


  1. Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns: Everyone took the Browns and it paid off.
  2. Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens: But then again, everyone took the Ravens and they got eaten by the Bengals.
  3. Washington Football Team at Green Bay Packers: Grandma and Grandpa took Washington, probably due to fandom (they probably don't know about everything involving Dan Snyder and I don't have the heart to tell them). It wasn't a blowout but the Packers did take it by a good margin.
  4. Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins: Look Falcons, if it takes a last second field goal for you to beat the Dolphins, you got problems. This game was a split because it was picking the cream of the crap and the Falcons managed to float.
  5. New York Jets at New England Patriots: This was a bloodbath but we all knew it was going to be. It's a good thing they didn't air that around here. I think there should be a slaughter rule for football for times like these.
  6. Carolina Panthers at New York Giants: This game was a tossup in our minds. Up until the half it still was until the Giants pulled ahead in the second half and stayed there.
  7. Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans: This was a split that turned into a rout. I think we have to accept that Kansas City is just kinda shit this year.
  8. Detroit Lions at Los Angeles Rams: Everyone, except Grandpa, expected this to be a blowout. It wasn't. It was madness. The Lions played like you playing Madden against your older siblings. The Rams still won but only by 9 instead of 17+ like Vegas predicted.
  9. Philadelphia Eagles at Las Vegas Raiders: My brother took the Eagles and the rest of us took the Raiders. The Eagles got behind early and rallied in the 4th but it wasn't enough.
    1. Houston Texans at Arizona Cardinals: This one was painfully obvious. Vegas said 20 points and the Cardinals still beat the spread!
    2. Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: This one was obvious for all of us save for Grandma. Bears fans were heard on TV chanting for their coach to be fired. Thousands of fans traveled 1,000 miles or so to watch this wreck and chant for their coach to be fired. That's...something.
    3. Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers: This one was a split. Turns out San Francisco's QB threw some picks so Indy won.
    4. New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks: This game ceased to matter in more than one way. Russell Wilson was out for Seattle so everyone save for Grandpa took the Saints. Neither of them could really score but the Saints just barely won.


  1. Mom: 11 games
  2. Brother: 10 games
  3. Me: 9 games
  4. Grandma: 8 games
  5. Grandpa: 7 games

Day 69 of #100DaysToOffload

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