Football Pool Week 8

Now time for Week 8 of the football pool. Due to unfortunate circumstances that will be explained later, Grandma and Grandpa couldn't play this week. Grandma won't be playing from now on either.


  1. Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals: This was a shocker. We all expected the then undefeated Cardinals to take the Packers behind the woodshed, but then Kyler Murray threw some picks and that idea went out the window.
  2. Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons: Carolina looked like crap last week so mist of us took the Falcons instead. We were mislead. Panthers won.
  3. Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills: 1-6 playing 4-2. I think we all know what's going to happen here. And indeed it did
  4. San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears: If your own fans are shouting for your head coach to get fired loud enough to be picked up over the home crowd and be broadcast on the TV, you've got a problem. We all twigged that and took San Francisco instead. Good move.
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns: This game was dead boring. We all took the Browns for some reason that escapes me and were wrong.
  6. Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions: All week we were told that is is one of the games that the Lions could win, so we all took them. This game wasn't a kick in the balls. It was multiple kicks in the balls until the nerves down there just died.
  7. Los Angeles Rams at Houston Texans: 6-1 plays 1-6. This is going to end up with the Texans as a smear across the field. And so it was.
  8. Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts: I don't know why this game was a split. I also don't know why it took until overtime for the Titans to win. Maybe due to all the picks on both sides?
  9. Cincinnati Bengals at New York Jets: Everyone took the Bengals thinking there's no way that the Jets will win this. And then they did. What.
    1. New England Patriots at Los Angeles Chargers: This one was a split. The Pats ain't what they used to be and the Charges are decent. The Pats managed to catch up and overtake the Chargers in the 4th to win.
    2. Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks: Who's the cream of the crap here. We all thought it was the Seahawks and we were right. Geno Smith isn't great but he's better than the Jaguars. Were Russell Wilson back to take his place, it would have been even worse than 31-7.
    3. Washington Football Team at Denver Broncos: Everyone took Denver because Washington is crap. Grandpa and Grandma probably would have taken them regardless, but they lost.
    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints: This was another split. New Orleans had lost their starting QB midway through the game, but it seems that causes the Saints to go super Saiyan and win.
    5. Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings: Everyone took Dallas and were right. Being second in the NFC North doesn't mean much this year.
    6. New York Giants at Kansas City Chiefs: After Kansas City threw a pick in the end zone and the Giants immediately threw one back, basically resetting 3 minutes of progress, it was time to stop watching this one. The Chiefs won as we expected, 20-17. Tiebreaker was 37 points.


  1. Brother: 10 games
  2. Mom: 8 games but 41 points
  3. Me: 8 games but 52 points

Day 70 of #100DaysToOffload

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