Football Pool Week 9

Now time for Week 9 of the football pool. Unfortunately this is the first week without Grandma, but Grandpa continues to take part. There were a lot of upsets in the early games which means we didn't do so well.


  1. New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts: This was going to be a crap game either way. For some reason Grandpa took the Jets. Bad move. Colts win.
  2. Minnesota Vikings at Baltimore Ravens: We all took the Ravens and they won, but it was neck and neck all game until overtime.
  3. New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers: We were split on this one but this wasn't even close. The Patriots broke a foot off in the Panthers.
  4. Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals: We were split on this one and it turned out to be a big upset. The Browns tore up the Bengals by half time so I changed the channel to...
  5. Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys: Another ridiculously one sided game! I swear I didn't order them this way for effect. It was 27-0 Broncos when I gave up. We had all bet on the Cowboys and we were so wrong. They tried to get some points back late but it wasn't even close.
  6. Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars: Only Mom had hope for the Jaguars. Her faith was rewarded...kinda. The Jaguars showed themselves to be slightly less bad at getting points, but still, 9-6?!
  7. Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins: Pick your poison! We were split. The Dolphins were just a hair better than the Texans but they're still both terrible, like I can talk.
  8. Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints: Oh, this one was close! We were split on this one too but the Falcons pulled the upset and just barely beat the Saints.
  9. Las Vegas Raiders at New York Giants: Grandpa took the Giants and somehow cursed the Raiders to a day of turnovers that the Giants turned into points. Yet another upset.
    1. Los Angeles Chargers at Philadelphia Eagles: We all took the Chargers and all almost lost. It came down to the very last second field goal for them to take it.
    2. Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs: This would have been a cakewalk for the Packers had Aaron Rodgers not been out with COVID, but he was, so they lost. We were split on who would win due to that issue but now we know and knowing is half the battle.
    3. Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers: This one was pretty obvious going into it so we all took the Cardinals, and were right.
    4. Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Rams: Stafford can throw a ball a long way. Unfortunately some days he's not all that accurate, especially when his line collapses. That day was Sunday and the Titans won. Only Grandpa saw it coming.
    5. Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers: It took until the 4th quarter for the Bears to realize that they too could score touchdowns. It took a last minute field goal to put the Steelers ahead. The Bears raced back down the field to try a 65 yard field goal. It was dead straight but a bit too short. Tiebreaker was 29 + 27 = 56 points.


  1. Grandpa: 8 games but 42 points
  2. Me: 8 games but 40 points
  3. Mom: 6 games by 45 points
  4. Brother: 6 games but 34 points

Day 72 of #100DaysToOffload

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