Practice Squad All-Stars

The 1-11-1 Detroit Lions have beaten the 10-3 Arizona Cardinals, 30-12. This is not a dream. Furthermore, they did so with a team mostly made up of free agents, rookies, and players called up from the practice squad. Some of them have never taken an NFL regular season snap before this year. And yet they took down a team that is leading the NFC West. They're showing themselves worthy of being on an NFL roster on a permanent basis, even if it's not ours. Here's some of the people I'm referring to:

This sort of trial by fire will prove to be useful for themselves and other teams. This may well be the difference between us or another team signing them or them trying to draft someone to fill a hole. The fact that they participated in this game today will only help to stick in the minds of scouts throughout the league. I expect to see some of them on an ongoing basis in seasons to come.

Day 89 of #100DaysToOffload

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