Why Do We Even Have The Pro Bowl?

The NFL Pro Bowl is a strange sight to see. (We'll exclude the 2021 Pro Bowl for this rant because that was played on Madden 2021 because of COVID.) If you think that the NFL has become too strict regarding rules for player safety, the Pro Bowl is that times 100. Some players (mostly those in the Super Bowl) don't play and those that do are basically playing two hand touch because no one has any reason to play harder than they need to. They're intentionally holding back to avoid getting injured in a game that means absolutely nothing to the season.

Playing in the Pro Bowl has no effect whatsoever on any record. The honor is in being nominated, not playing. This is just a check ($74,000 each for the winning team and $37,000 each for the losing team in 2020) and a brief vacation for those players who play. Yes, I know those numbers are probably a year's salary for most of us, but for NFL players, that's their payment for one game if not even less than that. Risking an injury is just not worth it to them.

Why does the NFL continue to do this?

  1. Is it because they need something to fill in the week break before the Super Bowl? They could swap the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl and have a better player turnout, just like they did before 2010.
  2. Is it because other sports have All Star games as well? Well, if all your other friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it?
  3. Is it because of tradition? Well, Roger Goodell has banned/restricted a lot of other things that used to be permitted.
  4. Is it because of the money? Yup!

So once again, money rules the day in the NFL, just like evey other day.

Day 1 of #100DaysToOffload

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