Retreat To Familiarity

Last night I was fooling around with the PinePhone, trying to find apps to replace the last bits keeping me from completely switching over to it and putting the Android away. One of those hangups is having no app for Reddit that isn't glacially slow and doesn't require you to log in. Giara is both and something-for-reddit doesn't appear to work anymore.

This afternoon after work, I started trying to figure out how to write an app for it with GTK (because I have to use it anyway for Phosh). It's basically parsing JSON and pulling up widgets as needed to accommodate it. How hard can that be?

Why did I ask that question?!

Four hours later, I have nothing to show for it but a lot of frustration. I spent four hours trying to make shit work in Vala to no avail when I used GTKmm 12 years ago and it worked. It's C++ so it should be really fast. And all that shit I was fooling with is defined in the code instead of some arcane XML file where you have to guess the name and scope afterward.

I guess we all have those moments where we panic and regress back to what works, even if it's not the best tool at the time or we know it'll cause us pain. We know we'll eventually get it to work with what we already know instead of learning something new and fancy. At least this is just something I'm playing with instead of a work project, or we'd have a real problem.

I guess I have my free time booked for the next X months now.

Day 35 of #100DaysTOffload

Tags: Programming C++ Linux