Episode -1: Crappy Independence Day 2021

Played on 2021/07/04 14:00 UTC

It's been a LONG year so what better way to vent than to revive Crappy Independence Day! This year I had the forethought to start planning in May! Unfortunately, I had applied for my DJ credentials in June but they didn't come through in time, so DJ Kate helped me out again. That's why this is Episode -1.

This year may be a bit odd because I ensured that I didn't use the same songs and endevoured to not use the same artists (which I was mostly successful with but did reuse Metallica and Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq.)

This year has much more forethought and actually had some structure, so I'll try to explain it. You may have heard of Charlie Brooker. He's the guy behind Black Mirror. Before that, he was on UK TV and had a series of shows called "Screenwipe". Every year around New Years, he had a special called Wipe (year), where he'd review and make fun of the year gone past. This is the same, but with music and from last July 4 to this one.

Long story short, it's not gone well. I've broken this show down into various themes throughout the year and a few have notes in case it's not immediately obvious why it's there.

  1. Five Finger Death Punch - American Capitalist
    This was just a loud lead-in to make it obvious what this show is. DJ Kate did have an intro but were I playing it instead of her, it was made to speak for itself.

January 6 and Trump in general

  1. Savatage - Castles Burning
  2. Metallica - King Nothing

Social media and fake news

  1. Styx - The Grand Illusion
  2. Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. - Oh, Social Media!


  1. Tommy & Rumble - This War Sponsored By...
    This is a bit from the "Tommy and Rumble" morning radio show on FM99 (WNOR) in Norfolk, Virginia in 2003. It only exists on the album "Queer Eye for the Morning Guy", which was released in late 2003 for the FM99 Christmas Wish fund.
  2. Strata - The New National Anthem

Lies, Poverty, and Despair

  1. Chumbawamba - One by One
  2. Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction
  3. Solomon Burke and De Dijk - Hold on Tight
    De Dijk is just the backing band. The song is in English unlike one later on.
  4. Everlast - What It’s Like
  5. Citizen King - Better Days (And the Bottom Drops Out)


  1. Frank Boeijen Group - Zwart Wit
    There's actually a whole page on this song because it's in Dutch. I wrote it in advance, posted the link in chat, and DJ Kate even read a snippet before playing the song: Zwart Wit
  2. Tupac - Changes

Day 18 of #100DaysToOffload

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