Episode 0: Is This Thing On

Played on 2021/07/09 02:20 UTC

This was my first go at broadcasting on tilderadio, so I just played a few songs during dead air to make sure my setup was working correctly. Turns out it was fine! If you have your files tagged correctly and don't use the mic (haven't tried that), the Web DJ page works like a charm!

Someone thought I was playing Guitar Hero songs because he came in during the third song, but the first two aren't on it, and I played the 9 minute version of "Frankenstein". Guitar Hero has the 4 minute version. I feel sorry for anyone who has to play the 9 minute version of "Frankenstein" on Guitar Hero. They'd have to ice their hands afterwards!

  1. Boudewijn De Groot - Jimmy
  2. Electric Six - Synthesizer
  3. Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover
  4. Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein

Day 19 of #100DaysToOffload

Tags: Music Tilderadio