Episode 1: You Picked All the Options...

Played on 2021/07/10 01:00 UTC

This is the first "official" show I played. The name is a reference to a poll on Mastodon from a few weeks ago asking what genres to play. The options were rock, Nederpop, instrumentals, and whatever/no genre. Someone picked all the options and a second person picked whatever, so they get exactly what they asked for.

There were a lot of notes in IRC so I'll include them below each song.

  1. Disturbed - Shout 2000
  2. Anders Qvicker - Chicken Sallad
    His Soundcloud is
  3. Normaal - Oerend Hard
    This is a Dutch song about motorcycle racing.
  4. Outlaws - (Ghost) Riders in The Sky
    There's a lot of versions of this song but this has some nice solos.
  5. Savatage - Visions
  6. Upsize - Living in My Bathroom
  7. Frank Klepacki - Mutants
    This is from the Command and Conquer: Tiberium Sun soundtrack.
  8. Doe Maar - Smoorverliefd
    This is another Dutch song. The title translates to "Lovesick" or "Madly in Love". They were a huge boy band in the Netherlands in the 1980's.
  9. Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark - Locomotion
  10. Matisyahu - Warrior
  11. just john - The Beat Wants To Move You
    He is and Unfortuntely, he passed away last year. I found this song in an archive of his website, YouTube, SoundCloud, and who knows what else that collected.
  12. Machinae Supremacy - Kings of the Sea
    This is from the Jets'n'Guns soundtrack.
  13. Chevelle - One Lonely Visitor
  14. Psychostick - We Ran Out of CD Space
    This is intentionally the last song. People thought this was Bo Burnham, but unless Bo Burnham is a massive guy with red hair and a beard, it definitely isn't.

Day 20 of #100DaysToOffload

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