Episode 12: Back For More

Played on 2021/10/23 01:06 UTC

I swear one day I'll quit playing stuff from ZHouse, but it was this or no show at all. I was off for a few weeks dealing with some medical issues but I'm back, baby!

It turns out that the stuff off this site appear to be rips, so if you enjoy their music enough to listen to it again, go buy it! Do it in such a way that they get a good chunk of the money. If you buy their CD from the store, they generally make less than 50 cents per disc sold, so figure out some other way what they make a good bit more off it. Also I don't make a dime off these broadcasts.

  1. 8nine Musique - Your Dj Has Arrived
  2. Alan Pride - Let Me Be Myself (Extended Mix)
  3. Vito Vulpetti - Think About It (Electrobass Remix)
  4. 84Bit - Mamma Jamma (Original Mix)
  5. Antrim - Laughs And Peace (Original Mix)
  6. Haievyk - Titan (Aurelian Stireg Remix)
  7. Late Replies - Searching
  8. Moshic - History Repeats Itself (Kintar Remix)

Day 68 of #100DaysToOffload

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