Episode 13: And Then Had To Go Again

Played on 2021/11/20 21:35 UTC

I had to duck out for a while again due to my Grandma passing and a lot of things shifting around. Things are going to be weird through Christmas.

I slapped something together to get back into the hang of it. Despite it being only 6 songs, it's 55 minutes long! I'll add the times next to each song in case you don't believe me.

  1. Electric Six - It's Showtime (1:53)
    This is really just for an intro.
  2. John Larkin - Angels Flight (9:22)
    Remember Scatman John? This is him back in the 1980's as a jazz musician.
  3. Kinetic Element - War Song (20:29)
  4. Iron Maiden - Dream of Mirrors (9:21)
  5. RBM - The Incident (8:33)
    This is from the DEFCON 29 soundtrack.
  6. M|O|O|N - Quixotic (5:45)
    This is from the Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack.

Day 75 of #100DaysToOffload

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