Episode 3.5: Well It WAS Going To Be A Rerun

Played on 2021/07/18 03:00 UTC

This was supposed to be just a rerun of Episode 3 until I extended it based on responses from IRC. Songs 1-7 are the same as Episode 3, but 6 and 7 got switched by accident. 8-14 are new!

  1. The Everly Pregnant Brothers - Wordsworth Avenue
    These folks are from Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. That may explain all the swearing.
  2. Beeswax Polish - Sun
    This band is from Austria and their site seems to be abandoned since 2008.
  3. Good Charlotte - Screamer
  4. LivD - In Alone
    I got this from the Internet Archive. This band is from at least 2003 if not earlier. Yes, I know the quality is bad. I think they were all around one mic to record this. Update: The version on the Internet Archive has been updated to a recording from 2012 where the quality is much improved. The copy played was from 2004 if not earlier so it sounds far worse thatn what's available now.
  5. Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe
  6. Savatage - Chance
    Savatage became the Trans-Siberian Orchestra after the loss of one of their band members.
  7. John Larkin - The Misfit
    This is from 1986 when John Larkin was still a jazz singer. He would go on to become Scatman John!
  8. Kensington - Done With It
  9. Denis Leary - Asshole
    This was played because someone mentioned it in IRC.
  10. Tower of Power - Diggin' on James Brown
  11. Peter Fox - Haus am See
  12. Alynzai - The Mind's Eye
    I know the band members (3 out of the 4 of them, anyway) from high school. If the band still exists, it's very rare that they still play together as most of them have families now.
  13. Solomon Burke and De Dijk - Hold on Tight
    This was played on accident but there's no way to remove tracks from Web DJ once enqueued. This was played before in Episode -1.
  14. De Dijk and Solomon Burke - Het Moet en Het Zal (Enough is Enough)
    I wanted to play this instead.

Day 23 of #100DaysToOffload

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